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Solar Decathlon


Ohio State’s enCORE strives for spatial efficiency in an 800+ square foot, 3-person family home that features 2 bedrooms and a den. The focus on a family home drives the design, from material choices to flexibility of spaces. These programmed spaces are layered around the mechanical core, which allow light and ventilation to pass through the whole home. To further minimize the home’s environmental impact, the design combines passive and active solar strategies, as well as rainwater collection and greywater reuse systems.

Key 2 and 3, Rendered view of the exterior living space
Graphic of the enCORE floor plan which has labeled keys that describe main components of the interior of the home Key 1 - ADA ramps, Key 2 - Graywater filtration, Key 3 - Covered deck, Key 4 - Water collection, Key 5 - Dining, Key 6 - Entertainment, Key 7 - Work, Key 8 - Child's Bedroom, Key 9 - Master Bedroom, Key 10 - Mechanical .
Key 5 and 6 - Rendered view of the kitchen and living area
Key 7 and 8 - Rendered view of the office space and kid's room