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Solar Decathlon

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How does a house act like an umbrella? Or a cactus? Because the enCORE house was designed for a family, we made sure to design our signs and tours for one too! Check out the sneak peek of fun illustrations that will be posted around the house during the competition. Each one talks about a different concept of the house. You know where your lungs and brain are in your body, but did you know our house has those parts, too? Be sure to find all the signs for a fun prize at the end! We can’t wait to see you on the Mall!

If you can’t make it to the competition, you can download a PDF version of our signs and handout below.

Please note:
You need Adobe Reader software to view the enCORE kids! PDFs. If you do not have it, you can download it here for free.

How is the enCORE house like a warm snowsuit? an umbrella? a bird's nest? an apple? a thermos? a cactus? 
	Come see our house to find out! Can't make it to the competition? Download the materials below.